Adding a pool to a backyard naturally changes how you use the space. What was often once an unused grassy area becomes a center for relaxation, recreation and family fun.

But what about the space around the pool? Does it add to these experiences and make them more dynamic?

In an ideal world, the answer is yes. The area around a pool should be designed to make the outdoor experience more enjoyable — inside and outside the water. This starts at the ground level and works its way up to amenities included in the space.

Choose the Right Style of Pavers

As the saying goes, safety first. Considering how slippery it can become around pools, it’s important to have a slip-resistant ground in place that helps guests safely navigate the pool area with less concern over slips and falls.

Source: Unilock

While providing an array of design options to suit any home style, Unilock offers patio pavers that are manufactured to have non-slip surfaces. What’s more, these pavers are durable enough to withstand pool chemicals that splash into the surrounding area.

Another benefit of Unilock pavers is they are permeable, which reduces temperature build-up in the pavers. This ability to remain cooler in the hot afternoon sun minimizes the chances of scorched feet while around the pool. Lighter-colored pavers further add to this effect.

Choose the Right Kinds of Plants

Foliage can certainly add visual appeal to the area around a backyard pool — but it shouldn’t do it at the expense of the pool’s use. For instance, if you choose a type of shrub or tree that sheds leaves and buds, you’re bound to spend more time cleaning debris out of the pool and — if enough build-up occurs — unclogging the pool filter.

Source: Unilock

While on the topic of maintenance, it’s also important to choose plants that are native to the climate. Hardier than their non-native counterparts, native plants are better able to handle a range of sunlight and soil conditions while requiring less water to thrive. This is particularly beneficial in poolside plants that are often immersed in full, direct sunlight.

Examples of native plants that check all the above boxes are Japanese maple trees and hibiscus shrubs.

Choose the Right Type of Amenities

Getting out of the pool shouldn’t mean having to head inside. By including a mix of seating around the pool — from loungers to sectionals — you can provide ample space for you and your guests to continue the fun poolside.

But on a hot summer day, you may want a cold beverage when you step out of the pool. That’s where an outdoor kitchen can be beneficial. When outfitted with amenities like a refrigerator and storage drawers, you can grab a drink or make your own without having to dry off.

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While some outdoor kitchens are exposed to the elements, there are benefits in opting for a covered space. For one, a covered kitchen offers some much-needed shade after spending time in a pool bathed in sunlight. What’s more, the structure itself can be used to hang an outdoor TV that guests can tune into whether inside or outside of the pool.

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