You’ve got your eyes set on summers filled with the relaxation and fun of a backyard pool. But when is the right time to break ground on this new addition to your landscape?

We can quickly rule out the winter as ice and snow that sticks to the ground can lead to delays in the installation process. Pool excavation, for instance, becomes quite difficult when the ground is frozen, stretching out what should be one or two days of work into a week-long affair.

With three viable seasons still on the table, we’ll build a case for why fall is the best time to get a pool installed.

Why Fall Is the Ideal Time to Get a Pool Installed

Moderate Temperatures

The fall in Cleveland, Ohio is known for its long stretches of moderate temperatures. When landscape workers are more comfortable and less prone to say potential heat exhaustion in the summer, they can work faster on-site without added safety worries.

Reduced Rainfall

Spring and summer are generally recognized as the rainiest seasons in Ohio. With the need to keep the pool construction and excavation site dry to support the use of heavy machinery, the drier nature of the fall season lends itself to fewer installation delays.

Post-Build Landscaping

Adding a pool to a Northeast Ohio backyard is often one piece of a larger landscape redesign puzzle. When you install a pool in fall, you’ll be in a window of time where soil conditions are especially favorable for planting trees and shrubs to frame in your new pool. While you’ll see better results from your efforts come spring, you’ll also avoid having to tackle landscaping in harsh summer heat.

Avoiding the Crowds

Spring and summer are notoriously busy times of year for pool installers. Opting for a fall pool installation helps you avoid this seasonal peak and book a contractor before their schedule fills up. This ensures your pool will be ready to use come spring and — as an added bonus — you can use the downtime in winter to further map out your yard design and get up to speed on pool maintenance measures.

Contact Blue Impressions for a Fall Pool Installation

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