While the incentive to invest in a fiberglass pool is heavily influenced by its enjoyment, there’s always a question of what kind of kickback you’ll get when it comes time to sell.

With the caveat that this number can vary, the National Association of Realtors has said a concrete or fiberglass pool can boost a home’s value by roughly 5%. Before we pay homage to the qualities of fiberglass pools that drive a higher return for sellers, let’s do some math around the installation costs and funnel that into the pool ROI conversation.

The Average Cost of a Fiberglass Pool Installation

Latham Pool, a leading provider of fiberglass pool designs and our supplier, has a helpful resource that offers a breakdown of fiberglass pool costs based on size, shape and add-on features, among other variables. The cost range they identified is between $35,000 to $100,000. 

Let’s operate under the assumption that a fiberglass pool cost falls right in the middle of that range at $65,000. For a home that is originally valued at $600,000, a fiberglass pool is expected to add $30,000 to the sale price. This means the homeowner would recoup nearly half of the pool investment costs at the time of sale.

How Less Maintenance Can Drive Higher Returns

While many potential buyers like the idea of a backyard pool, one of the most common pushbacks is the maintenance tied to it. They’re already thinking of the equipment and chemicals they’ll need to buy, or the professional services they’ll need to hire.

The low-maintenance nature of fiberglass pools is another selling point that factors into the return on investment. With a gel coat finish that requires less cleaning and protects against the growth of algae as well as structural damage, fiberglass pool owners can expect to spend as little as $4,000 over the course of 10 years to maintain their pool. (To compare, a concrete pool can rack up maintenance costs of $12,000 in that same timeframe.)

When these lower pool maintenance costs are factored into the fiberglass pool conversation, potential buyers will see more of its long-term worth. And for sellers, this can translate into leverage for a higher price point.

Pair Your Fiberglass Pool with Other Value-Added Amenities

Installing a fiberglass swimming pool in your Northeast Ohio backyard is just one way you can add value to your home. 

Maybe you could consider pairing your new fiberglass pool with a new outdoor kitchen. While you’ll have an easy way to combine cookouts and pool parties — or simply grab a beverage while you relax poolside — research shows that you’ll enjoy a 60% kickback on your outdoor kitchen investment when it comes time to sell your home.

At Blue Impressions, we have the pool and landscape design/installation expertise to help bring both of these ideas (and more) to life. Arrange your free estimate today.