A backyard pool party on a sunny afternoon is what summer dreams are made of. And while it’s fun to attend one of these soirees, it’s also fun to play host. 

Whether you already have a pool or are planning to install one, think about how you can frame the space to create more of that backyard pool party environment. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Add Lounge Areas

From lounge chairs to hammocks, make sure there is plenty of cozy poolside seating. When partygoers are ready for a break from the water, they only have to walk a few steps to kick back.

Provide Shady Spots

Pool parties can last several hours, and chances are guests might want a break from the sun at some point. Consider installing a nearby pergola or investing in a patio table with a large umbrella.

Install an Outdoor Kitchen

Swimming is known to work up an appetite. With an outdoor kitchen, backyard pool party guests can easily access snacks and drinks. At the same, you can grill up food without having to step away from your guests.

Opt for Slip-Resistant Patio Pavers

When you host a pool party, you don’t want to worry about guests slipping on slick surfaces around your pool. Slip-resistant patio pavers feature a textured surface that reduces the risk of any slips or falls. This provides more of the carefree and relaxed environment a pool party should have.

Install a Pool House

Some guests will need to change into their bathing suit when they arrive, while others will want to change out of their bathing suit at some point during the party. A pool house offers a convenient space for guests to change. With access to a bathroom or outdoor shower, partygoers can freshen up without having to dry off and go inside the house.

Invest in Outdoor Lighting

Daylight may last long in the summer, but pool parties can sometimes last well into the evening hours. Not only does lighting create a festive atmosphere for a backyard pool party, guests can continue to socialize and swim as nighttime falls.

Blue Impressions Has Pool & Landscape Design Expertise

Our focus may be the installation of fiberglass and vinyl pools, but we bring years of landscape design and installation experience to the table. That means we know how to bring your whole outdoor space together to create the ideal setting for a backyard pool party. 

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