One feature of fiberglass pools that appeals to homeowners is its smooth surface. Similar to the smooth veneer of a bathtub, the pool’s gel-coat surface makes for a more enjoyable swimming experience than, let’s say, the rough surface of concrete pools that can lead to scratches on sensitive hands and feet.

While a selling point from a comfort standpoint, the smooth surface of a fiberglass pool can sometimes be a cause for concern from a safety standpoint. With a slicker surface, it’s often thought that fiberglass pools are slippery. This can be especially worrisome in the context of entering and exiting the pool, where slippery surfaces can cause falls.

We’re happy to say that we can put this fiberglass pool myth to rest. Fiberglass pools are in fact not slippery.

Enjoy a Smooth Pool Surface Without Safety Concerns

Even though fiberglass pools have a slick bottom, the gel-coat has enough texture that it lets your feet safely grip the surface. At the same time, the texture is so subtle that it doesn’t detract from the vibrant color — whether it’s ocean-like blue or silky pearl white.

It’s also worth noting that fiberglass pools are more naturally resistant to algae growth. When algae sticks to pool floors and walls, it tends to make the surfaces more slippery. Without algae issues, fiberglass pools are better equipped to keep swimmers steady on their feet.

Some Manufacturers, Like Latham, Offer Slip-Resistant Steps

As the largest manufacturer of fabricated pools in North America, Latham offers a variety of fiberglass pool designs with innovative features to enhance the swimming experience. Alongside built-in swim-up seating, tanning ledges and water features, this list includes slip-resistant steps.

With the thought that both younger and older individuals will be using fiberglass pools, Latham outfits their designs with pool steps that are not only easy on the feet but provide peace of mind when guests enter and exit the pool.

Pairing Slip-Resistant Pool Steps with Slip-Resistant Patio Pavers

In conversations around pool safety — specifically slips and falls — it’s just as important to think about surfaces that surround the fiberglass pool as the pool surface itself. After all, guests will be walking on the ground with wet feet, whether it’s a few steps to grab a towel or a beverage from the outdoor kitchen.

Alongside their durability and flexible design options, one of the benefits of Unilock pavers is they are naturally slip-resistant. Included in combination with a fiberglass pool installation, these pavers’ textured surfaces provide steady footing around the exterior of the pool, further putting safety concerns at ease.

Blue Impressions Helps You Put Together the Whole Package 

As a sister company of Green Impressions — a premier landscape designer and installer in Northeast Ohio — Blue Impressions specializes in the installation of fiberglass pools, while bringing years of landscape experience to the table. Working with trusted vendors like Latham and Unilock, we help Northeast Ohio homeowners create a backyard oasis that makes the best use of their outdoor space and exceeds expectations.

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